1 July 2011

Moncler Gamme Bleu Spring 2012

It was the Star Wars 'Imperial March' theme which Thom Browne found most befitting to soundtrack the Moncler runway. With each season extracting the theatre of a particular athletic endeavour, it was the turn of fencing. A sport known for its high-impact armoury and gentile movements.

Set inside a real club, masked guards with British Imperial coloured sashes traversed the runway with foils in hand passing walls lined with trophies and photos of fencers. The only indication this was a show - beside the 200 or so seated spectators - was the giant sci-fi lights brought in which heavily illuminated the white collection. The culmination of the spectacle was an impressive wall of armoury and weaponry along the far wall as each model neatly fell into a troop formation.

My Garment favourites fell into three categories, the first was Fencing armoury. The white plastron, traditionally worn to protect the fighting arm, was worn externally over a black jacket, the non-chalant placement gave a casual air to its appearance. The second noteworth piece was the white shirt with croissard that sat neatly under a well trimmed white jacket, and provided a perfect contrast to the black lamé trousers.

The second category was jackets, from the navy nylon army jacket to the white form fitting windbreaker which seems perfect for centre court Wimbledon.

The final category was stripes, from striped socks, to striped jackets, tshirts, sweaters and belts. The striped shorts were a strong favourite, the short offerings were minimal in the collection however had there been more they would have been my fourth category.

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