7 July 2011

Angelo Flaccavento

'Easily one of the most stylish men within Western fashion with the most enviable collection of bow ties.'
Peter W. Stocks

Angelo Flaccavento Angelo Flaccavento
Angelo Flaccavento Angelo Flaccavento
Angelo Flaccavento Angelo Flaccavento

Name: Angelo Flaccavento
Age: 39
Occupation: independent, Italy-based fashion writer contributing to a roster of international publication including Vogue Italia and Fantastic Man
Best Advice: When cultivating a personal style do it for yourself, not to please others or seek for acceptance.

5 Key Facts:
I              Has a frequent habit of mentioning sex and pornography in interviews.
II           Concerned by ego-babble and waffle that occupies the often self-prophecising world of fashion online.
III       Recommends Tumblrs including:
IV       Posseses an enviable collection of bowties and an equally enviable beard.
V           Conveys intellect in his dialect with a welcome dash of well placed humour.

Brief Bio:
It seems somewhat inappropriate to write a biography online for a man that prefers images over words online However it sees necessary to present my own slant on a gentlemen that could be conceived as arrogant and self-important. The material in favour of this argument is weighty, pompous remarks in interviews and a frequently stated disregard for the fashion commentary of others.
Firstly it is most likely that his comments are exaggerations built to promote a more well-defined persona. Secondly his motivation for disregarding others seems to be a distaste for others self-indulgent writing and a desire to protect his own unique perspective. To protect his own thoughts and attitudes, he must avoid any deep engagement with the opinions and arguments of others that can dilute his capacity to make a valuable commentary. And make a valuable commentary he does, working independently for a number of publications including Fantastic Man, Vogue Italia, and The End magazine of which he is currently features editor.

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