18 July 2011


CAMO camouflage trend

For one moment leave all your previous jungle and warfare associations with camouflage to one side and see it purely as a mixed pattern of organic forms in dark brown, forest green and desert yellow hues. This return to the constituent parts provides a fresh look at the pattern and allowed designers to redefine its boundaries. Camo has been re-aligned as a versatile and elegant print that can sit comfortably alongside the sartorial elegance of a Harris Tweed Jacket or under a J Crew sweater.


The YMC camo shirt really demonstrates to me the adaptability of the print. By altering the print with a toned up palette, up scaled pattern and breaks between the dark brown and green organic forms – camo is no longer camouflaging. The shirt is subtle and fresh enough to be worn in early summer and is distanced from its utilitarian origins. The pattern has encapsulated the versatility of leopard print and has the promise to be a true sartorial statement. I have strong expectations for a wider scale re-emergence of camo over the next couple of years with this fresh take, supporting its growth.  

CAMO camouflage trend


F.O.X said...

Loving camo at the moment! Glad to see someone else is appreciating it too, great explanation of it as a print of 'non-uniform' by the way.

Aischrolatreia said...

I think too often people can forget that CAMO can serve more than military uniform purposes.



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