7 June 2011

Scott Schuman

'While the popularity of streetstyle blogging format may ebb and flow with the fickleties of fashion, Scott Schuman and the Sartorialist will remain.'

The Sartorialist Streetstyle Scott Schuman

Scott Schuman, became disillusioned with the disconnection he saw between the clothes hung in designer showrooms and the overwhelming supply of real style available on his home streets of New York. Seeking more direct contact with the style he praised, he opened his own showroom specialising in younger more fresh designers.
In the mid-2000s personal reasons motivated Schuman to close his showroom, and he began to shoot real people from the streets of New York and post them on his blog 'The Sartorialist'. The blog soon began to attract swathes of followers both inside and outside the fashion industy. His concern to showcase original raw style was a feeling shared culminating in Times Magazine rating it as one of the top 100 designer influences.

6 years on his reputation for shooting unconventional and ordinary people continues, The Sartorialist growing to become one of the top 10 most popular blogs globally. His blog has since made the transition from digital to print, with the release in 2009 of his first book. Presented is a sample of the many interesting and inspiring people who through the blog have inspired, enlightened and enhanced a whole host of personal styles, runway shows and collections.

Despite inspiring a whole host of copycat blogs, The Sartorialist has continued to remain top whether they be the chicstyle eminating from the boulevards of Paris or the gritty realness from the avenues of New York. Schuman proves that the popularity of the streetstyle blogging format will remain, hiding away from the ebbing and flowing of the fickleties of fashion.

Some of my personal favourites:

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