7 June 2011

Nicola Formichetti

'For me, he rebrands youth as exciting, unapologetic, daring, sexually ambiguous and, from a mainstream perspective, potentially dangerous.'
Jefferson Hack - NY Times

Nicola Formichetti Mugler Gaga

Name: Nicola Formichetti
Age: 48
Occupation: Curator and Communication, otherwise known as Creative Director Mugler, Fashion Director Lady Gaga, Fashion Director Vogue Hommes Japan, Fashion Director Uniqlo
Best Advice: There’s way too much celebrity in fashion. I don’t really like working with celebrities, so I try to stay away from that whole machine

5 Key Facts:
I          He was born in Japan in 1977 to an Italian father and a Japanese mother and grew up between the two countries.
II        Currently residing in New York City.
III      Friend and Stylist of Lady Gaga, a subject which often distracts interviewers from discovering his personal qualities.
IV       Hates to be called me a ‘stylist’ — preferring the terms curator and communicator
V         A 21st century fashion figure, he understands the extensive benefits of the internet to communicate a brand

Nicola Formichetti Styling Mugler Gaga

Brief Bio:
Nicola Formichetti began his career at 22 in London when he began working on small projects for Dazed and Confused magazine alongside his work as a buyer for Pineal Eye, a shop selling young designers. Since then he has gone to become fashion director to Lady Gaga, Vogue Hommes Japan and Uniqlo and most recently creative director of Mugler. His current rebrand and relaunch of the Mugler brand which has remained dormant since the 1990s, met a wealth of praise - Gaga bought the lot - and some less so enthusiastic responses.

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