8 February 2011

Terence Koh

Terence Koh

What greater indicator is there that a man's got 'it' than when he can gold-plate his own shit and sell it for $500,000. Terence Koh, a canadian born artist is a real man of Aischrolatriea. Queer, punk, pornographic, psychotic, disturbed, however you wish to describe Terence, his style and work just be glad he's not boring. Rather than become another run of the mill artists attaching forty plastic bags to fans and calling it a representation of supermarket domination he has created something new and interesting. He instead shows the world his Big White Cock, a white neon work purchased by Saatchi that is a flash of genius. A work smoothered in innuedo it is testament to his tailored eye.

It is not just his work that attracts media attention. His taste for the extravagent is undeniable in his personal style. From his shaved eyebrows to the black gorilla length that graces his back, he commands admiration and commendation. My personal favourite look, is the Balenciaga gold leggings - that he wears oh so well - with a leather jacket studded to the nines. From style icon to commended artist, Koh represents the postmodern ideal of individualism with a pinch of the overexposure we expect from modern day celebrity.

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