2 February 2011

Micky Ayoub Yuri Pleskun

'the look of the dole scum is the new fashion focus'

Fashions relation with street culture continues to blossom as designers and stylists embrace the look of the 'common thug'. While previously designers abused the style, removing the gritty realness to produce highly romanticised visions of streetwear this time authenticity is the name of the game.

Skinheads, doc martens, spitting, string vests - the look of the dole scum is the new fashion focus and what better way to advertise this new look than a new range of models. Entering the scene are Yuri Pleskun, Micky Ayoub and Callum Wilson, scruffy shaved headed models. All have been heavily featured in editorials and fashion shots as their looks suit the other key style of the moment Nu Goth.

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