11 February 2011

Costume National

Ennio Capasa released his inner rebel for Costume National Fall/Winter 2011 with a unique take on classic tailoring. A refined yet quirky collection, alternative vibes run strong alongside non-conventional construction techniques. Setting down the scalpel Capasa developed a penchant for laser cutting; a classic black trench-coat had a striking rim of red thread left from the tinge of the laser. further abandoning convention, he abandoned the shirt and tie preferencing a variety of moulded tshirts and sweaters. The Striped mohair sweaters would look dapper in a seedy underground grunge fest and on the 6am crawl home whether down Bond Street or the depths of the east-end.

The collection's greatest asset however is the dominance of dull tones and black. Monochrome continues to dominate the style radar of many, and increases the marketability of a polished and thought provoking new collection. Capasa ensures that Costume National remains on the fashion radar and is one to watch for the coming season.

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