18 February 2011

Thierry Mugler

Nicola Formichetti's debut collection - Thierry Mugler AW11/12 - was well received by fashion audiences and was a viral success as photos of Rick Genest spread quicker than Miley Cyrus' nudes across the web. But has Formichetti become blinded by the 'freaks' in fashion? Has the 'Human Zombie' eclipsed the media attention and taken the limelight away from the clothes?

 Formichetti, fashion director of Vogue Hommes Japan and Uniqlo is no stranger to the extreme characters in fashion. As the stylist for Lady Gaga, responsible for orchestrating some of the biggest headline outfits of 2010 he understand the power of the fashion icon to thrust designers into the spotlight. The publicity forLady Gaga raised many designers profiles, none more than Formichetti for his role as the creative director of Haus of Gaga. His consistent attention to detail gained the attention of many fashion moguls. But has Mugler rode the freak train a little too hard? With rumours of Lady Gaga collaborating in the womenswear collection, has Mugler begun to sacrifice creative control for media attention?

While Rick Genest (Human Zombie) has become an overnight sensation, the media focused more upon this tattooed individual neglecting the fashion he was brought in to advertise. Mugler's first collection for Thierry Mugler seeking to revive the brand has gained media attention but for the wrong reasons. While the mere mention of a Gaga single debut at the runway show had journalists at the edge of the seats, there was no need to go overboard. Mainstream media attention was distracted from the clothes by Genest, and Formichetti would be wise to place his trust in his create merits in the future. Lets the clothes speak for themselves and leave fashion toys like Zombie Boy in the box.

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