12 May 2010

Serial Killer Photography

Rodney James Alcala Convicted Rapist and Serial Killer.
He recently became the first defendent eligible for the death penalty to represent himself in Orange County at trial in 12 years. With an IQ of around 160, and a taste for photography, his skills of deception and torture seem fresh from CSI:NY.

His conviction for the murder of 5 individuals, has hit the headlines in the USA. However suspictions have been rasied that the real number could stand as high as 30. Including a number of females within the New York area.

He often lured women with the promise of portfolios for modelling and other professional work before subjecting them to intense physical torture and pain. One of his victim was attacked with a claw hammer. Others suffered prolonged agony as he repeatedly strangled and resuscitated them to gain even greater personal pleasure.

In an attempt to discover further possible victims, The New York Daily News website and other sources have posted images of women he shot whilst living in NY from 1968 to 1971.

The shots he took show the women so full of life and with the appearance of such happiness. It produces such a creepy juxtaposition against the pain and suffering some of these women would go on to suffer at the hands of the same man holding the camera.

Link to further photos

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