13 May 2010

Justin Smith - Modern Miliner

Justin Smith
Justin Smith is the milinery world's latest rising star, and with the couture obsession with hats, his relevance is at a high. Milinery Aficionados are already well aware of his extraordinary skills, and his abilities have gained the attention of many within the fashion world.

Pinning down his inspirations have dumb-founded many journalists, recieving the most ambigious of responses. He offers spontaneity and the past as his answers. A single pin point idea or image has however formed the crux for each of his collections. These reference points are multitude in nature, and offer a beautiful mix of ideas. From 1920s/30s ballroom to tribal to safarai, vintage, and gothic imagery, his main obsession centres around the head.

Many of his creations tinker upon the edge of sculpture and hats, continuing the fight to defy the boundary between art and fashion. The mix of art and music, is one that Justin has not fully commited to. It is undeniable that certain pieces crafted by his hands would be desirable to many of the musician come entertainers which dominate the itunes download charts . Audrey Hepburn is however the celebrity, death defying, who he most wishes to adorn with one of his masterpieces.

All of his hats are bespoke, and he offers the usual spiel on the essence of originality and the human touch as justification for this. As much as this speech may be overplayed, it is hard to deny the truth in such a statement. With his growing success, season by season, the future may just offer him the opportunity to be compared on an equal footing to Philip Treacy and others as one the greatest modern miliners.

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