17 April 2010

Transexuals have shallow vaginas.

MAC+la chapelle+lepore+heatherette from Lucio Flajore on Vimeo.

Collagen lips, botox, breast augmentation, champagne, and a sex change? No i'm not talking about Heidi Montag's 10 surgeries but New York's favourite transexual Amanda Lepore.

One of the orignal club kids alongside michael alig, and the rest of the Homosexual brigade. Her body is the ultimate abuse of the 50s Pin up, her image resembles more Marilyn Manson than Monroe.

Her acting skills are none existing, and her musical masterpiece 'My Hair looks Fierce' is as good as gritty gay anthems get. Whats not to love about the lyrics
'we are live in hollywood on the red carpet with amanda lepore, can you tell us amanda - who made your dress?
Some mexican children in an la sweatshop - who work nonstop until their heads drop - they weren't allowed food or water to drink - but they still did a fierce job don't you think?'

However her latest minifilm for MAC Cosmetics is a true masterpiece.

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