11 April 2010

Parisian on Acid.

Say Hello to Charlie Le Mindu, part frenchman, part madman. The former miliner, he has exchange berets for metre high wigs in his latest collection, his works now preferenced by the house of Gaga not Chanel. His work is the result of an eccentric persona. He is the man you wish your mum had befriended so you could recite fascinating tales about his venutres in burning cats and making clothes out of witches hair.

But what would i need now to become a Le Mindu model? a pair of kitten heels and some red lippy? I'm sure this coupled with the cock between my legs is a sure fire way to fast track myself to becoming his latest muse. There is however some competitiont from a 4 legged feline - Dalston. His furry friend is subjected to Mindu's every whip including a weekly dousing with food colouring then rub up and down the bath. With such a loving companion I fear i may have to leave the muse way to Gaga vs. Dalston and be satisfied with a ring side seat in what could be one of the most bizarre fashion muse wars.

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Clint Catalyst said...

yes, yes, yes, yes, yes:




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