31 March 2010

Londons Olympic Jungle Gym.

What better way to ensure that the olympic games in London is a complete joke, than installing a 120metre 'jungle gym' in the centre of the olympics site. This monstrosity, is an insult to London and a self mockery of Anish Kapoor himself.

The genius of, indian-born british artist, Anish Kapoor has evaded this hideous sculpture which looks much more like the latest attractive at Alton Towers, than what is to be Britain's biggest piece of public art.

Anish Kapoor's other public works are attractive to the eye, and easily appreciated by the majority.  Cloud Gate in Chicago, is arguably one of the greatest pieces of modern public art in the USA. Recieving great acclaim from the public and art aficionados in equal measure.

Last year the Royal Academy dedicated the main galleries to host a show of Anish Kapoor's work. As a part of this project, a sculpture 'Tall Trees and the Eye', was constructed outside. 76 shiny spheres comprise the structure, which is much easier to appreciate.

London does many things well, but statement structures and buildings is not one. We only have to look at the millenium dome for evidence.

Personally i would have much preferred a simple grouping of Anthony Gormley statues in olympic poses alongside the work of new lesser-known artists.  Whilst this is far from ground breaking, it could be appreciated by a greater audience and provide a platform for the promotion of fresh artists.

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