30 March 2010

The Nu Goth Jewelry.

The angst anarchism of the goth, has had a small scale resurgence with celebrities and models alike. Alice Dellal, is the perfect embodiment of this style with an image of rebellious teen angst. Carried off without a heavy application of black eyeliner and a Dashboard Confessional CD. The more depressing side of this trend, was the sight of Lindsay Lohan sporting a Metallica tshirt. She should stick to pussy licking.

This trend has been toned down for the highstreet but many indicators of its legacy stand. The reintroduction of leather clothing, stud work, distressed denim, the return of the denim jacket and Dr Martens and the more alternative shredded tshirt, creepers and vintage band tshirts.

Jewerly designers have also got on to this trend, with the tacky plastic works of Alex & Chloe, to the more upmarket side of things. Pamela Love, NYC, is one such designer, whos inspirations rests in the anatomy of humans and animals. Pamela is the Damien Hirst of the jewelry world, without the grotesque ego.

Necks are now adorned with crows feet, miniature ravens skulls, and sharks teeth. These trophies of pain, perfectly reflect the after feelings of a night of vodka and narcotics abuse.

I definitely need to get a miniaturised metal ravens skull, however the confines of student living, mean i'm opting for the etsy knock-off. Etsy Link

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