19 March 2010

A walk on the moors?

Coming from a social group with a serial killer fascination. This image of Myra Hindley and Ian Brady is one i have saved numerous times to my harddrive. It seems inappropriate to mention, but i shall anyway that the style of both of these individuals is one that would recieve great merit from the likes of GQ and Vogue. Admittedly this would be reliant on the wearers being trendy young individuals rather than ruthless child murderers.

Myra Hindley, was brought up in Gorton, then a tough working class area of Manchester. She faced a daily onslaught of batterings from both her mother and alcoholic father, not uncommon for the times.

Myra was taught to fight from a young age by her father, who wanted to toughen up his daughter. Age 8 Myra scored her 'first victory', beating a boy with a sequence of punches after he attacked her. Her Fathers encouragement of violence evidently left a lasting effect upon her, allowing this young girl to develop into the depraved child murdering wife who would spend the remainder of her life behind bars.

There is an aspect ot her sentencing as with many other highly 'celebrated' criminals that i dislike. The ability for politicians to extend the sentences of criminals without further trial or jury, seems to go against everything that the criminal justice system stands for. Politicians have also openly advised police to find new charges with which to support further imprisonment of criminals of this stature.

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Krislyn said...

madly in love with your blog... i miss my AP art history class! love the post about david hockney btw...



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