11 March 2010

New Foals in Spring

'Spanish Sahara' is the much anticipated first release from Foals new album, Total Life Forever. this slow-paced mellow moan is far from the fast-paced hyperactivity of Antidotes. Recorded in Gothenberg, Sweden, the cold climate has chilled the Foals and somewhat dampened their spirits. The oxford five-piece are pursuing a new soundm but does it suit? and can it rival the beauty of their first album?

While Yannis' distinctive vocals still hold strong, and a muted version of the 'foals' guitar riffs still hold strong, i can't help feel dissapointed. Whilst Spanish Sahara is a great track, it lacks the hit-making, mood elevating feel of Cassius or Balloons. It is a rather deflating anti-climax to the much anticipated second album.

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