24 February 2010

Chris Ofili - Shit Art

Chris Ofili, Turner Prize winner 1998, is currently exhibiting at Tate Britain bringing together over 45 paintings from the mid 1990s until now. His intensely coloured works, bring a light and warm air to his work. He produces a rich layering, most notably his use of dung and resin defines his work from his contemporaries.

His earlier works concerned London's black culture with influences from Hip Hop to the prostitution scene of Kings Cross. Ofili's work provides a stark contrast between the feminine painting style and the objectification of women which his paintings may suggest.

Personally, i find his work to be visually appealing, holding a strong sense of humour. His work is a representation of him as a person and his journey through life, with clearly visible references to show this. I have little time for art, which relies upon a 4 page essay to understand each piece. Chris Ofili provides a counterance to this producing contemporary art for now. He has not fallen for the arrogance and pretension which pollutes much of the contemporary scene.

The exhibition is certainly worth visiting if in London. It is not, however, groundbreaking enough to deserve a special visit.

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