18 December 2009

Death Perception

The acknowledge of death remains a western taboo; which grows as we distance ourself further from death in daily life.

Death has been acknowledged in literature for many centuries, and also within the world of Art. Frans Snyder, a popular flemish artist held a taste for paiting dramatic scenes of dead animals. The 'Fish Market' is a fitting example of such work.

Damien Hirst is a modern suitor of death. His phemaldehyde animals offer a real assault on the conciousness of death in the minds of his audience. This death obsession is the focus for many contemporary works. Death is a central theme to many modern works including those of Fumie Sasabuchi.

The above image by Sasabuchi attempts to induce a chilling atmosphere of anatomical disfigurement in a partially lifelike human figure.Skeletal forms are superimposed on the bodies of models, countering the beauty underneath.
Hazy skeletal forms feature in many of her other pieces, aiming to alter the viewers perception of perfection in fashion magazines.

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