7 January 2010

Shelter (2007)

Procrastination from revision, is pretty high at the moment. Any and all distractions are given an opportunity. So whilst flicking through webpages to avoid any more revision on glaciers, i ended up downloading a couple of 'gay' films.

Gay Cinema, has never really been my thing, its pretty niché anyway. I think it may have been lack of exposure but i ended up enjoying three i've watched.

I won't write much about 'Another Gay Movie' nor 'Eating Out: All You Can Eat', i think most straight people would find viewing too uncomfortable. The leading romance in Eating Out begins with the two guys lips meeting on the cock of a faghags boyfriend. Another Gay Movie, is camper than celine dion's christmas. A disturbing scene involves a father giving his son a book on 'getting to know your ass' and giving him a 8" wide buttplug. Both films offered cringing campness at its finest.

However not all gay films are camp as chirstmas, some films do portray a gay relationship as the main story without some pink festival extravaganza. Some do offer a great plot, a strong dialogue and brilliant soundtrack rather than producing the gay equivalent of American Pie.

'Shelter' (2007) is a fine example of such a combination film. Set in California, this beautiful romance blossomed hidden from the people that matter most. The film has all the makings of a great film, the plots is multi-layered, presenting poverty against wealth, a dysfunctional family, youth issues, sexuality and fulfilling your destiny.

The gay stereotype is missing, avoiding clogging up the beauty of this film. Two childhood friends, reconnect over surfing and slowly form a unique bond. This is certainly a film i need to buy, following the january student loan.

Its a definite watch for anyone that can handle viewing a male on male kiss.

Watch Shelter on MegaVideo

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