4 December 2009

The Club Kids

The New York Club scene of the late eighties; was one of the most decadent distasteful expressions of 20th century extravagance. Led by the notorious Michael Alig and James St James, they gave birth to a group of reckless individuals who indulged in heavy drug use and extraodinary costume.

As Michael Alig & the Club Kids notoriety grew so did Alig’s influence, he was often paid to attend clubs with his entourage to ensure a new influx of customers.
However popularity and fame are inherently linked to the vices of jealousy and violence. The film ‘Party Monster’ details the rise and fame of Alig. The film progresses through his string of impromptu parties, club performances and TV interviews. During this time James St James becomes growingly jealous of fame he believed he deserved. Their subsequent disputes were the first signposts to trouble in paradise.

With a psychedelic excess of drugs Alig became be crazed with his own self importance. Ultimately this led to the murder of Angel Melendez from 3 blows of a hammer to the head and then bleach poured down his throat. 3 days later, motivated by the disgusting smell, Alig indulged in a shot of heroin before chopping the legs off the corpse stuffing him in a box and throwing him off the Hudson River.

Alig confessed to this murder to many of his disciples yet his boy who cried wolf nature and the drug excesses led to no one believing him. The body was subsequently washed to shore several months later and Alig was finally highlighted as the perpetrator and was sentenced for 10-20 years for manslaughter. Alig is still serving this sentence.

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