2 December 2009

The Adoption of High Society Attire by Youth Culture

This musical find is definitely worth a listen. It holds a haunting tone with associated quivering and lofty vocals; Wild Beasts - Two Dancers (ii).

The picture above definitely represents the essense of the article i wrote that was published in the Manchester Student paper this week;

The majority of fashion related journalism will state the exponential growth of street style as the latest and most important source for designer inspiration. We ought to consider where these youngsters look for inspiration. I put it to you that the conservative dress of the upper crust is the new inspiration behind many youth trends this past decade.

The first to adopt aspects of the style has been the ‘chav’ generation. Tucked in socks and popped up collars were practical for the country walks of the gentry but are now common looks within the inner-city. This link however could be pure coincidence or a reversal of an age-old fashion tradition.

Consider the wave of Burberry check which has flooded the fashion high street. Formerly a symbol of the Eton elite it quickly became the symbol for the aspiring ‘WAG’. However, all high fashion labels rely on the importance of exclusivity. This prompted the appointment of Christopher Bailey to rapidly quash this association.

Those looking to avoid the mainstream have turned to the county-club class for their latest trends. You will find them occupying Wednesday nights ‘Now Wave’ at Deaf Institute or the weekend crowd of Red Rum (Fallowfield’s place to be seen.). It is a Barbour wax jacket or a pair of Russell & Bromley brogues that gain you respect on this scene.

Vintage is also big with this crowd, a Ralph Lauren Sweater or Lacoste Polo shirt is THE hot find. These brands commonly linked to a public school girl’s post-riding attire are rapidly featuring in the wardrobes of the non-mainstream youth.

Why this social phenomenon has quite developed is unknown? It could be a consequence of our rapid regeneration society. With little originality in fashion, everyone is looking elsewhere for inspiration. The current look of the high street is a fusion of the previous 50 years of fashion. With the latest staple of the denim jacket and a marked return of the Doc Martin boot.

With so many years of fashion to regenerate, and the nature of ‘disposable fashion’, trends are short lived and require constant new influences. Celebrities are often a major source of trends. With Alexa Chung sporting a Barbour jacket sparking a chain reaction of youngsters buying one.

Celebrities may be the source of this adoption; however I feel the roots to this trend lie in the constant seeking for something new by youth culture. I hope to see this trend continue to thrive, and quite what will be the next upper class trend to be taken is unknown.

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Marc Adelaide said...

i want a Barbour jacket



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