25 April 2011

Men Wearing Sheer

men sheer jumpermen sheer jumper

Designers, stylists, bloggers and high street retailers have all made attempts to convert the male masses to the benefits of sheer. The light semi-transparent fabric is perfect for the ever increasing warmth of summer yet it has failed to enter the mainstream. These failings are due to insufficent marketing which didn't dispell its association to fetishwear and therefore its tag as outlandish clobber for the more extrovert fashion follower. The majority of sheer garments produced for men have not been adapted to a male fashion perspective. Very fine, highly transparent fabric does not appeal to men in the same way as women. Sheer menswear requires a thicker less transparent fabric, with a broader variety of colours and please no hooded t-shirts, zip up vest or drawstring hems.

Two retailers did suceed in producing own-line products which would appeal to the average man, Asos and American Apparel. Peculiarly Asos Black have chosen to exclude any sheer products from their summer line, the only remaining product is a sheer jumper (£40) from A/W 2010/11 pictured above. The decision to abandon sheer fabric must have been the result of poor winter sales and ASOS have since adopted mesh as their ASOS Black summer fabric.

men sheer shirtmen sheer shirt


men sheer shirtmen sheer vest

American Apparel, famed for their unisex wears have produced a number of sheer products which appeal equally to men and women. The Striped t-shirt (£34) pictured above is a subtle sheer product, with a low transparency it offers the light-weight benefits of sheer without displays of flesh. Also on offer are sheer vests (£21) and t shirts (£23), again in a wide variety of colours. The t-shirts are however one size and having worn one in-store the size of it can be slightly overwhelming. The vest however with multiple sizing options are a firm favourite, already owning the blue, my next purchase will have to be the black.

The rules for menswear sheer are simple - opt for thicker, less transparent sheer fabric if you are wanting a light-weight summer fabric but not seeking to display your body. For the more adventurous, the American Apparel offerings are best, with the striped t shirt and sheer vest the firm favourites.


Tiffany said...

i also think that many men are still "afraid" to some level of fabrics as light as sheer ones are. can't really blame them. however i love how sheer looks so jet set!

Unknown said...

As a woman, I'm afraid of sheer! A camera catching you in sheer can be very unforgiving. However, as of late, many men have been playing up their style by daring to wear women attire. Maybe it's the new direction of fashion. Hey, many not approve right now, but what about when women started wearing men attire!?

Aischrolatreia said...

Sheer should be seen as a unisex fabric. If it's not worn as a tight tank-top it can be a very flattering look.



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