23 April 2011

Rayban Clubmaster

The RayBan Clubmaster are the iconic Browline Frames

Bradley Cooper Rayban

Rayban sunglasses maintain an enduring appeal as an icon of style. The Wayfarer model (£118) has remained popular as the sunglasses of choice for a number of years, worn by a whole host of celebrities and fashion figures. This position has recently weakened, with the past couple of years seeing a rise in the popularity of Clubmaster models (£118). Recent celebrity faces sporting Clubmaster sunglasses are Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl), John Slattery (Mad Men), and Bradley Coopers (Limitless and The Hangover).

Clubmaster frames are browline glasses, a style developed in 1947 by Jack Rohrbach.
Browline glasses derive their name from the bold top rim of the frame which mimicks the visual effect of the eyebrow over the eye. They gained rapid appeal with browline glasses comprising half of all eyewear sold in the decade. They became a feature of the era as much as the fedora hat. Several public figures wore these frames, the most notable was activist Malcolm X who was always photographed wearing his browline glasses.

The browline glasses have since re-emerged popularised through the Clubmaster Rayban sunglasses. Browline frames are now available through a variety of highstreet stores however of a lower quality than the Clubmasters. They are a definite advised purchase.

rayban clubmaster sunglasses brownrayban clubmaster sunglasses brown


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Unknown said...

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