20 February 2011

Tom Ford

'Tom Ford - The Master Marketing Tactician'


Tom Ford is a name synonymus with style, elegance, fashionability and a masculine edge uncommon in the high-fashion market. In 6 years the brand has established itself as a firm favourite of fashion aficionados oweng its sucess to Tom Ford's marketing genius. The master tactician, he maximises publicity at each and every opportunity. Fashion journalists, bloggers and buyers watch his every move like a hawk anticipating the next stroke of brilliance. His womenswear collection was so hotly anticipated; it was unnecessary to make a big marketing push. Ford decided not to leave it to chance,and used this opportunity to demonstrate that he is king of publicity.

He created a sensation, defying the conventions of the fashion show; extravagance, excessive celebrity invites, a plethora of photographers and instant viral marketing. Tom's decision to limit the show to a single photographer and intimate crowd led to fashion commentators feverishly speculating whether this marked the end of opulence and re-emergence of exclusivity in high-fashion. What a crowning achievement. The strength behind is brand allowed him to release a debut womenswear in such circumstances, that journalist do not hesitate to question the industry standard. But what lies next in Tom Ford's calendar? if he achieve so much in 6 years what major marketing feat lay ahead? In setting such a high precedent for high-fashion advertising, it is time for brands to re-evaluate their game and think radically and rationally to make headway in the race to beat Tom Ford.

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