18 July 2010

Dear Tom Ford.

Dear Tom Ford.

I must start with congratulations; you are a true design genius. Your fragrances fill the air with the smell of perfection and your clothes can induce a squeal of excitement from any dapper chap or female fashionista. Customers around the globe are happily tapping in their 4 digit pins and leaving stores clutching their latest Tom Ford purchases.

This makes the next statement the hardest to say. You’ve made a wrong move. You’ve made a fashion faux pas. A dweebish young gentleman is now the star of your fashion campaign. Why oh why did you replace Jon Kortarjarena with Nicholas Hoult? Have you seen what you’ve done? Jon’s running around the streets of Paris with substandard models to advertise NEXT. Whip out your blackberry and give him a call he needs you in this hour of need.

Nicholas Hoult is the antithesis of cool. I can only assume you haven’t seen About a Boy. He still remains that socially outcast baby-faced dickhead desperate to be noticed despite a role in skins and your film debut A Single Man. I wonder how many others share the same nightmare vision I have when I see him in your Campaigns. I envisage him arriving at the shoot headphones on and shades down bopping his head and singing “shake that ass, watch yourself, shake that ass, show me what you’re working with” horrifying Carolyn Murphy as she glances round to see his face. Carolyn deserves better, a mature man not a pre-pubescent looking wimp. I know celebrities are a necessity in selling your brand but why not pick again from the cast of A Single Man. Matthew Goode is so dashing and handsome and he possesses true British style that should not go unnoticed.

I do hope you now see Nicholas Hoult for what he is, a creepy young man. Drop him pronto. For once again i can look at your adverts in pleasure, not tear them out and bin them for good measure.

Kindest of Regards,


ruairi said...

he was rubbish in skins too...

another product of hype....!!

Aischrolatreia said...

I can't quite understand how he went from Creepy child in About A boy to this.
Definitely agree on the product of hype comment



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