3 November 2009

Terry World - Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson, an infamous leader in the fashion photography world. His disgusting and vulgar nature provides the appeal to his work. Selections of his works are so perverse, they would not be legally sold as pornography. Despite this reputation which generates much public disgust he is grossly in demand. Top magazines are clamouring to feature his work whilst celebrities fight to be the latest feature.

His celebrity models have stretched the entire cultural spectrum from the usually risqué Macauley Culkin and Jackass cast to respected figures such as Barack Obama. the level of perversion alters dependent on the clientele allowing him to work with such a wide cast.

I recently purchased his book Terryworld which includes many of his most profane works. Some of the images were described as disgusting by members of my house; however I failed to see the book as shocking. Instead i found it rather amusing, particularly the photo below.

This publication to me marks a change in society. Where such levels of crude imagery become normalised. A variety of online and offline stockists have sold this book to much success; quantifying our taste for such images. His works stretches the limits of 'art' to the extreme without using this as the selling point.

A talented photographer and truly modern individual he represents the forefront of western culture today.

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