16 October 2009

Dash Snow, Club 27.

Dash Snow was an artist of his own demise. Disregarding High society to drown with the New York hoi polloi. Sex, drugs and self-destruction are the key characteristics of both his personal life and works. His life was as much a part of his art, as his photographs.

He represented a part of the freshest frontier of Modern Art. Alike previous waves of progression dividing opinion on its definition as 'Art'. His works also showed the final progress of vulgarity in art.Whether it be his glitter encrusted ejaculations upon images of Sadam Hussain or a Photograph of a guy snorting cocaine from another man's penis. Whether you are a fan or find this to be trash, it is undeniable his work manages to elicit an opinion from notable members of the art community.

His birth into New Yorks elite provided him with all that money could buy. However the social constraints associated were infuriating to Snow. A born wild-child rebel, he was destined to follow the path many had laid down before. Where troubled children of the well-to-do families sink into the hole of drugs. Inevitably landing at the bottom of suicide leaving behind young children and a trail of destruction.

His rejection of privilige which gained him much respect is however poorly grounded. For his rejection was only recognisable when he was on top form and not in a drug induced state of paranoia and pitty. Extensive stints in Rehab, affording drugs, access to media attention and his lifestyle were all underpinned by the Society he claimed to reject.

whilst failing to revolutionise modern art in the way of fellower new yorker Andy Warhol, he did provide a stepping stone to the next Warhol. I hope Dash Snow's name can live on a little longer. I sadly however imagine his work is already gathering dust, an awkward testimony to the man who failed to live long enough to realise his full potential.

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