23 December 2012

Roll Neck Sweaters

Warm winter staples are always welcome on our cold isles, and the re-emergence of the turtleneck (not turtlehead, and do not google) sweater   is all but welcome.

This knitwear device isn't the easiest to put on or pull off. A battle of fabric wrapped round your head in a semi-noose like turban is not an unfamiliar sight. Some others may be able to go through this process with a little more grace than I did on Friday. My subsequent look after my head poked free from the turtleneck wasn't the finest. A cream cotton knit had transformed me into a substitute Bond Villain. Albeit missing the ski goggles, Swiss Alps backdrop and there was no aggressive armed snowmobile chase to account for my wild hair. This wasn't my finest hour but did avoid my first fear, of repping a 1990s throwback look similar to a Back Street Boys Christmas video, hopeful of the No.1 spot.

While on this occasion I did leave empty handed I think a sweater in a more subtle tone of the season would have been much better, a deep wine coloured turtleneck at Reiss had much better prospects.   It removes all snow and throwback fears and will handily disguise any spills after over indulging in mulled wine. Which reminds me I need to top up my glass.

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