28 February 2012

Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham is one of those truly rare individuals who has dedicated his life to painstakingly documenting style over 5 decades 

Bill Cunningham's agile and nimble navigation through the car-filled streets of Manhattan would give no indication of a man who's approaching his 85 birthday. The reasoning for his zig-zagging across the city is a dedication to providing a weekly array of the finest street style and high society shots for the New York Times.

Bill Cunningham's agility and nimble navigation on his bike through the car-filled streets of Manhattan gives no indication of a man living in his ninth decade. At 84 years old Bill continues to provide a weekly array of the finest street style and high society shots, both produced with equal impeccable quality. For the last 50 years he has produced an invaluable archive of the style and society of New York City from the curbside shots of Transvestite clubbers to high society types at Charity benefits.

Bill's legacy does not merely stand due to the longevity of his career or the varied public who he chooses to shoot but his absolute dedication to the merit of style - focusing solely upon the clothes he has failed to adopt a celebrity snapping attitude. He has also remained on the periphery of the parties, gatherings and events which are seen to be an integral part of such a sociable industry. By choosing to remain on the outside, he has negotiated a powerful position from which he has an unrivalled trust, respect and appreciation from the top players in the business. Anna Wintour even went so far as to say 'we dress for Bill'.

Without want of destroying the heart of the new documentary on his life 'Bill Cunningham New York', I must advise you to watch it in whatever way you can for a unique insight into a admittedly peculiar but truly remarkable man.

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