24 September 2011

Dr Martens and Millerian Collaborative Shoe

Dr. Martens Millerain Windsor Lester

Dr Martens have positioned themselves as the contemporary go-to brand for shoes that master the principle triple quandary of style: fashion, form and function.

Their recent Brit-to-Brit collaboration with Millerain reaffirms this with the slightly pompously named 'Dr Martens Millerain Windsor Lester Shoe'. It benefits from from the patented 'bouncing sole' of Dr. Martens and a waxed chera canvas upper constructed by British Millerain.
A remodelled version of a footwear classic it is manufactured to weather all manner of occasions.

The Catch is the hefty £125 price tag, to me this is the reality of a delayed rather than immediate purchase.

1 comment:

themiddleages said...

wow!!its looks very elegant.....excellent post:)))

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