29 March 2011

Francesco Cominelli

'Figure of Fashion'
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Francesco CominelliFrancesco Cominelli

Name: Francesco Cominelli
Age: Irrelevant
Occupation: Fashion Contributor and Assistant Editor to Vogue Hommes International
Best Advice: A real man is always wearing a watch

5 Key Facts:
I          Happily based in Paris but hoping to return to New York.
II        Has an “I’LL BE BACK” Tattoo dedicated to New York.
III      Believes the essence of style is mixing vintage and the latest collections.
IV       Master of texture and re-working 'faux pas' items - true stylist genius.
V         Began as a Photographer before moving into styling.

Francesco CominelliFrancesco Cominelli

Brief Bio:
Francesco Cominelli does little to dispel the myth that all Italian men are born with the ability to dress. He has elegantly carved an enclave of style and creativitiy within a forest of boring repetitive garments that is the stale world of men's fashion. Demonstrating the art-form of styling, the tools of the trade are applied; layering, shaping, accessorising and distortion allow the continual reinvention of the de rigeur of contemporary fashion.

He makes monumental headway, reinventing banished trends and forgotten styles with such confidence they don't immediately reflect their ingenuity. A memorable stunt was one in which he paired an over-dated style leather jacket with light stone-wash denim jeans matching two faux-pas fashion moves into a single stroke of genius. Tucking in the jacket, redefined the form and fold of the jacket, while a simple fine black belt produced a defined and tapered smart look from forgotten trends.

Francesco is one of those all-too-rare male fashion figures thats genuine genius avoids the need for womenswear or garishly extreme forms to re-mold the confines of male fashion. He continually mediates and contorts the boundary between forgotten trend and the season of revival.
images of francesco cominelli


Gregory said...

Love his style, those outfits in the photos are great!!

thefashionlist said...

Hi there, nice blog you have.
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Kieron said...

I like the idea of the sleeve cutting from the blazer jacket quite daring!!! A good post!!

Come check out my blog all things good menswear we would love to see you follow!



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