30 August 2010

Die Antwoord

Amputees, Birth Defects, Thrusting Cocks and one of the most refreshingly individual looking girls to enter the internet media.

Introducing Die Antwoord, They are creeps, freaks, weirdos, and non-conformists. A mongrel cross of a sick joke with the future of music? I just can't decide whether taking them serious is an insult to their production or an intended feeling.

A blurry line exists between sincerity and humour. 'Ninja' the lead vocalist has a history of stage personas which vary mildly with each new musical venture. 'Ninja' is currently a hyper violent scummy looking chap with a lack of decency and an ignorance to inappropriateness.

Die Antwoord means the Answer. The answer to what? 'Whatever Man... Fuck'

1 comment:

Natalie Suarez said...

cool blog! love it :)



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