19 August 2008

Viktor & Rolf Exhibition - Barbican London

The Viktor and Rolf Exhibition at the Barbican was fantastic, I knew little about Viktor & Rolf only that my mother said they created some rather odd clothes and had concepts for their shows.

The concepts were all very different from the 'Russian Doll' Haute Couture Collection of Fall / Winter 1999/2000 Collection which involved a model walking along the catwalk and as she walked on another dress would be layered on top of the one she was wearing building her up giving an effect similar to that of a Russian Doll.

The Atomic Bomb collection was another interesting show, first the models wore the dresses with inflated pockets in them and then again normally. It symbolised a lot and they gave many reasons for it but i just thought it looked interesting.

The Upside Down collection was truely great the models wore the dresses one way up and the following model wore it 'upside down' with models walking in the arms of the dress there movements seeemed very restricted. It was weird how some of the dresses looked just as good upside down.

- P.S.


csíkos zsiráf said...

I've come across your blog today, and I like it very much! I added it to my list of recommended blogs. Anyway, The Viktor and Rolf Exhibition at the Barbican must surely be fantastic.
I'm looking forward to your next note!

Rita from Budapest, Hungary

Tom Baddeley said...

i love your site, please tell me more about you, as you seem like a really sexy individual.

My undying love,




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